West Marin Home....manufacturers cabinetry, furniture, and other home furnishing products. Dedicated to blending the simplistic beauty

and raw influence that  nature imparts on us all. Designing and creating art , furniture , and products that stimulate the senses in every way.

Have you ever stood atop Mt. Tamalpais and looked out at the Pacific Ocean,

then down to Stinson Beach and back out to Duxbury Reef.

That's West Marin.

Have you ever walked the Point Reyes seashore or taken the Dipsea trail 

and smelled the lavender on a warm Summer afternoon.

That's West Marin.

Daily we have the privilege of being exposed to this unique and dynamic 

part of the world called West Marin. Where subtle changes occur almost by the minute, if you are open to seeing , hearing, and touching them. It can't help but influence our thoughts, way of life , and direction whether we realize it or not.

One of the best feelings is building something beautiful, taking a photograph,

framing it just the right way, putting a project  all together...and then just sitting back and experiencing it in the comfort of your own space. This is how we want 

our friends to feel.  

West Marin Home  : )  

Our Manufacturing Partnerships

Depending on the size , scope, and timing on   projects...we at times outsource certain parts of a job to our trusted manufacturers...

- Decorative Specialties

- LB Manufacturing

- Cal Door




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West Marin Homeonly uses materials , paints, stains, and finishes that are sustainable, water based , non toxic, and contain no or low levels of formaldehyde. Health is important us! We don't want to be around any of that stuff...why would you?

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